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Our Services

Bereavement, Loss
& Trauma Recovery

Anybody who has experienced loss and or trauma in any form, and is having difficulty moving on.

Adjusting to a post
Covid World

If you are nervous, tense and feel inadequate, out of control and seek ways to block out the pressures and stresses of  everyday life, it may be time to seek counsel from a trained professional  'listener'.

Supporting Parents & Carers of the Neuro Atypical 

Those parents / primary carers that have the responsibility of caring, nurturing, educating, supporting and finally encouraging / facilitating the independence of neuro atypical people on the Autism Spectrum.

Identifying & Changing Dysfunctional Family Patterns

Individuals who feel overwhelmed by negative family patterns. For those who feel they have attempted to mend family fractures and yet still find themselves as part of constant disputes.

Therapy for progressing through Addiction

 Sea Garden addiction therapy is specifically geared to those who have been successful in recovery in the past (as defined by Alcoholics Anonymous and The 12 Step Movement) and need more structure and encouragement to maintain healthy habits.

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